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UnHackMe is specially designed to detect and remove Rootkits
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24 November 2015

Editor's review

The threat scenario that users typically experience on a Windows based machine has seemed to have evolved over the last decade. Instead of typical viruses we are now looking at more persistent threats such as rootkits and spyware that are extremely difficult to detect and isolate. Rootkits in specific are tough customers who tend to be capable of subverting standard antivirus tools and remain undetected. Now if you are looking at a specialized piece of software to eradicate such instances of malicious stealth programs lying undetected in your system then you need to get hold of UnHackMe 5.99.424. Capable of weeding out even the most innocuous of the Trojan and spyware application, this remarkable software can ensure the protection of your confidential data from unauthorized access by hackers.

When you launch the UnHackMe 5.99.424 application you come across a light blue colored interface that lists the major options on the top pane. In the center it lists it primary actions whereby you can check your system or choose to remove suspected applications. It must be noted that this application was initially designed to weed out rootkits and thus is very effective against them However it is now also capable of tracking down adware, spyware, browser hacking codes etc with ease and serve as a great security tool if you are frequent web surfer. The application is extremely easy to use and even a basic computer user can operate it owing to its uncluttered options.

Based on our testing we can safely allot a score of three and half rating stars to UnHackMe 5.99.424 on account of its stellar performance and quick scanning process. In a world where suspicious programs tend to be the order of the day, getting this effective tool seems like a good choice.

Publisher's description

The main difference between UnHackMe and other antirootkit software is its detection method.
Precise double-checking for a Windows-based PC, which allows identifying and eliminating any types of malicious software. Instant tracking of malicious code in the system. UnHackMe was initially created as anti-rootkit software, but currently it eliminates all types of malicious software: rootkits, Trojans, worms, viruses and so on. UnHackMe does not slow up your PC and it is compatible with any anti-virus programs.
Version 7.85
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This actually works! I got a rootkit trojan. Sysinternals rootkit revealer found it, but doesn`t removed. I thought I was going to have to reinstall Windows.
I installed unhackme and it found and removed the infection right away!
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